How to Go to Cyprus? Transportation to North Cyprus Guide

How to go to Cyprus

Cyprus is an island country in the northern Mediterranean, known to academia as “the bread of the Mediterranean”, with its natural beauty and historical wealth. It is very important to know how to get to Cyprus and what are the necessary documents for tourists. In this travel guide, you will find options for arriving in Cyprus, the documents required during the trip and other important details.

Arrival options to Cyprus

There are different options for arriving in Cyprus. The most common options are flight and sea travel.

Arrival by Flight

Flying to Cyprus is the fastest and most common way to get there. There are regular flights from Turkey to Cyprus. You can reach Cyprus from big cities like Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir with non-stop flights. The flight time is short, usually between one and two hours. It is important to observe the rights of the passengers and the allowed size of the luggage set by the airlines.

In addition, you can choose to fly to a station closer in the area, such as an air station in Turkey or Greece, and continue the trip by sea vessel such as a passenger ship or from the restaurant manager responsible for traffic in the Mediterranean Sea, which receive passengers from a number of ship ports in the area, including Limassol and Kastelurizo in Northern Cyprus.

Arrival by land

For those who want to access Cyprus by land, there is the option of cavalry. You can leave from Antalya or Mersin to reach Cyprus. Traveling by ship may be a more economical option, but it should be noted that it may be longer and depends on the weather. It is important to make a reservation in advance in order to purchase tickets.

To reach North Cyprus by ship:

Ships from Turkey or Greece: There are regular ship services connecting ports in Turkey or Greece to ports in Northern Cyprus. You can check the schedules and order tickets in advance. The duration of the journey will be conducted according to the route and the specific ports.

Other seagoing ships in the Mediterranean Sea: some of the ships also operate between North Cyprus and other destinations in the Mediterranean Sea. You can look for options from nearby countries like Lebanon or Egypt, if so there will be less frequency.

Private yacht or boat: If you have access to a private yacht or boat, you can sail directly to North Cyprus. Ensure that all marine instructions and requirements related to entry are met.

Cruise ships: Occasionally, cruise ships include North Cyprus in their itineraries. If you are on a ship that stops in the area, you can use this opportunity to go on a trip to Northern Cyprus during your allotted time.

Documents required for travel to Cyprus
Certain documents are required to travel to Cyprus. Residents of Turkey arriving in Cyprus can enter with an identity card or passport.

Citizens of the following EU and Schengen countries are required to travel to Cyprus:

A valid passport or national identity card.

Citizens who are not from the following EU or Schengen countries are required to travel to Cyprus:

A valid passport.

Sites to visit in Cyprus

Cyprus offers visitors a wide variety of natural and historical attractions. This island contains a large number of ancient remains, beaches, museums and historical sites. You can discover the following popular places in Cyprus:

Kyrina: the ancient and expected port with the castle of St. Hilarion. Larankos: the capital of the island of Larankos, where there are important historical buildings such as the historical walls, the Salim Mosque and the Great House. Gezimagusa: a historic city with historic city walls, Othello’s Tower and the ancient city of Salamis. Gazeliort: known for the orange fields and the monastery of St. Mamas. Karpaz Peninsula: known for its natural beauty and beaches. In addition to these places, in Cyprus you will find a large number of beaches, restaurants, shopping centers and night life places. During your vacation in Cyprus, you will discover many places for recreation.

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There are different options for traveling to Cyprus. You can fly or travel by sea, and you can also enter with a valid ID card or passport for Turkish residents. In Cyprus you will find many places to visit and unique experiences. You can plan a vacation in Cyprus according to this information and experience an unforgettable vacation.


Where do you fly into to go to Cyprus?

The primary international airport in Cyprus is Larnaca International Airport (LCA), located near the city of Larnaca on the southern coast of the island. Additionally, you can also fly into Paphos International Airport (PFO), situated on the western coast of Cyprus. Both airports offer connections to various destinations across Europe and the Middle East.

Can I go to Cyprus from Turkey?

Yes, you can travel to Cyprus from Turkey. There are multiple ways to reach Cyprus from Turkey, including direct flights, ferries, and cruises. Flights operate between various airports in Turkey and the airports in Cyprus, while ferry services connect Turkish ports like Mersin, Tasucu, and Alanya to ports in Cyprus such as Kyrenia and Famagusta.

What is the best way to travel to Cyprus?

The best way to travel to Cyprus depends on your location, preferences, and budget. If you’re coming from Europe or the Middle East, flying into Larnaca or Paphos International Airport is often the most convenient option. However, if you’re already in Turkey, you can consider taking a direct flight, ferry, or cruise to Cyprus depending on your departure point and desired travel experience.