What Language is Spoken in Cyprus?

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Cyprus, a beautiful Mediterranean island with a rich history and diverse population, is known for its multiculturalism and multilingualism. The languages spoken in Cyprus reflect its complex past, with influences from Greek, Turkish, Arabic, and other languages. In this article, we will explore the fascinating linguistic landscape of Cyprus and delve into the question of what language is spoken in Cyprus.

The Official Languages of Cyprus

The Republic of Cyprus recognizes two official languages: Greek and Turkish. Greek is the predominant language spoken by the majority of the population, while Turkish is primarily spoken in the northern part of the island, Northern Cyprus. These two languages have deep historical roots and cultural significance in Cyprus.

What Language Do They Speak in Cyprus? Is Cyprus Greek or Turkish?

Both Turkish and Greek languages are spoken in Cyprus. However, the spoken language differ greatly according to what region you may be located in. Cypriot Greek is more spoken in the South Cyprus.

Greek Language in Cyprus

Greek Cypriots, who make up the majority of the population, speak Cypriot Greek as their everyday vernacular. Cypriot Greek, a distinct dialect of the Greek language, has evolved over centuries and has been influenced by various colonizers of the island. It differs from Standard Modern Greek in terms of phonology, morphology, and vocabulary. While Standard Modern Greek is used for official purposes and government business, Cypriot Greek remains the language of choice for informal communication and daily interactions.

Diglossia: Standard Greek vs. Cypriot Greek

One fascinating aspect of language in Cyprus is the phenomenon of diglossia between Standard Greek and Cypriot Greek. Diglossia refers to the coexistence of two distinct varieties of a language, each serving different functions in society. In the case of Cyprus, Standard Greek is the high variety used in formal settings, education, and government, while Cypriot Greek is the low variety used in everyday communication and informal contexts. The differences between the two varieties encompass not only pronunciation and vocabulary but also grammatical structures and cultural nuances.

Is Greek Cypriot the Official Language of Cyprus?

Cypriot Greek is the official language of Cyprus. However, Turkish is also the official language of Cyprus, especially in Northern Cyprus where majority of Turkish Cypriots reside.

Turkish Language in Cyprus

In the northern part of Cyprus, which is under Turkish control, Turkish is the main language spoken. Turkish Cypriots, who form a significant portion of the population in this region, speak Cypriot Turkish. Cypriot Turkish is a unique blend of Ottoman Turkish and the Yörük dialect spoken in the Taurus Mountains of southern Turkey. While it shares similarities with Standard Turkish, Cypriot Turkish has distinct features, such as a VSO (Verb-Subject-Object) word order, which sets it apart from both Standard Turkish and Cypriot Greek.

Cypriot Arabic in Cyprus

Cypriot Arabic, also known as Maronite Arabic, is spoken by the Maronite Cypriots, who are a Christian minority in Cyprus. This variety of Arabic has been influenced by Cypriot Greek and has its own unique characteristics. While not as widely spoken as Greek or Turkish, Cypriot Arabic holds significance within the Maronite community and is recognized as a minority language in Cyprus.

Armenian in Cyprus

Armenian has a long history in Cyprus, with Armenians settling on the island as early as the 6th century AD. Today, the Armenian language is spoken by a small community of around 3,000 people of Armenian descent. Armenian Cypriots are often bilingual in Greek and Armenian, and the language is taught in Armenian schools. The recognition of Armenian as a minority language in Cyprus highlights the cultural heritage and contribution of the Armenian community to the island’s multicultural tapestry.

English and Other Languages in Cyprus

English, as a widely spoken and understood language around the world, also plays a significant role in Cyprus. Due to historical and cultural factors, English has been widely taught and used in Cyprus. It is estimated that around 76% of the population in the southern part of the island can speak English to some extent. English is used in various domains, including education, business, and tourism, making it an essential language for communication and international interactions in Cyprus.

Russian Language in Cyprus

In addition to English, other languages such as Russian have gained prominence in Cyprus. The influx of Russian-speaking individuals for work and investment purposes has contributed to the growing presence of the Russian language on the island. This linguistic diversity reflects the cosmopolitan nature of Cyprus and its appeal to a wide range of international communities.

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Cyprus, with its multicultural heritage and complex history, boasts a fascinating linguistic landscape. Greek and Turkish serve as the official languages, representing the two main communities on the island. The presence of minority languages, such as Armenian and Cypriot Arabic, adds to the linguistic diversity and cultural richness of Cyprus. English, as a global language, plays a significant role in communication and is widely spoken among the population. The interplay and influences between these languages create a unique linguistic tapestry that reflects the diverse cultural mosaic of Cyprus